DanaNewsletter 2012-002

20. January 2012

The future packaging with new repellent functionality

The Danish Advanced Technology Foundation has recently approved a new project for economically viable production of very large areas of functional nano-structures. The project will be supported with EUR 1,5 million and the project time is 2½ years.

A consortium consisting of Danapak Flexibles, InMold Biosystems, The Technical University of Denmark and Arla Foods will develop the future foodstuff packaging with repellent functionality to avoid food sticking to the inside of the package. If the project is successful the potential reduction of food waste is indefinitely.

It is the aim of the project to use a patented method to create a new type of embossing tooling that will be able to transfer nano-structures to the packaging material.

This on-the-edge technology is intended for numerous applications within the dairy and foodstuff Industry. The advantages are expected to be significantly for consumers as well as manufacturers.

The combination of theory and practice from the consortium members are expected to bring this project to a successful end.