DanaNewsletter 2014-003

10. January 2014

DanaReseal® – the best reseal lidding film to APET/PE

Danapak Flexibles continues to develop and improve existing specifications and the lastest new specifications are DanaReseal®® to APET/PE bottom-web.

The new DanaReseal®® specifications are based on in-house technology and very unique. It is possible to reseal (open and close) the lidding film up to 30 times and still have a sealed lid to protect the product.

DanaReseal®® 09-15 Low barrier
DanaReseal®® 09-16 Medium barrier
DanaReseal®® 09-17 High barrier

The DanaReseal®® is 100% transparent and can be delivered unprinted as well as printed in flexo or gravure.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let Danapak Flexibles deliver the reseal film to your next success.