DanaNewsletter 2014-005

15. January 2014

Excellent new specifications for carton/PE cups from Danapak Flexibles

The range of specifications for DanaCoverseal is continuously growing and the latest new specifications for carton/PE cups has been introduced to the market.

Focus on the new specifications has been to make a coverseal, sealing to carton/PE, with a peel without any tear-off of the paper from the carton cup when it is opened.

The new specifications have the well known high sealing strength as the rest of the specifications within the DanaCoverseal range.

The new specifications can be used to several applications such as ice cream, cream cheese, frozen vegetables,
desserts etc.

DanaCoverseal 20-21 – metalized PET 36 µm + coex
DanaCoverseal 20-22 – aluminium 29 µm + coex
DanaCoverseal 20-23 – white PET 36 µm + coex

As usual the coverseals can be delivered unprinted and printed from Danapak Flexibles.

Please contact our Sales Department for further information about these new unique specifications.