DanaNewsletter 2014-009

29. September 2014

Heatsealable aluminium lids without embossing from Danapak Flexibles

Danapak Flexibles now has the possibility to offer heatsealable aluminium lids without embossing, which means especially heatsealable lids with printing keep all the details in the design.

Danapak Flexibles has develeoped a new special technique with edge embossing, which ensures the separation of the lids on the production line.

Danapak Flexibles has today a modern and fully equipped Graphic Design department who can design and advise in connection with new and old designs and take into consideration that the aluminium lids are not being embossed after printing.

The printed designs can be made in flexo, UV flexo and gravure, and as an ekstra service Graphic Design can provide samples of the actual designs on printed on the aluminium for approval and the samples can also be used for marketing purposes.

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