DanaNewsletter 2014-012

05. November 2014

Child resistant and senior friendly blister packagings from Danapak Flexibles

Danapak Flexibles has again developed a new and innovative concept for a child resistant and senior friendly packaging.

It is a lidding for blister packs where the consumer has to fold, separate and peel-off each pack to access the dose. The pack does not allow the consumer to peel-off the lidding until the blister has been folded and separated which gives the complexity and by that the possibility for child resistance.

The lidding is sealable for various bottom webs such as PVC, PVdC, PET, PP and it is based on our co-extrusion technology. We supply it either as a traditional aluminum foil or high barrier transparent PET film which allow the visual view for the consumer and surveillance during the packaging process.

It has a high tear- and puncture resistance and therefore it does not allow a traditional push-through.
This new innovation can be used on existing blister packaging lines with small adaptations.