DanaNewsletter 2014-014

19. November 2014

Lidding film with peel for buckets from Danapak Flexibles

Today most lidding films for buckets are laminates or aluminium with a rigid sealing which can only be opened with a knife. In close cooperation with a machine manufacturer for filling of buckets, and specific customers, Danapak Flexibles has successfully tested the DanaPeel® specification with 36 micron PET + coex coating for this application.

The DanaPeel® lidding film has a sealing strength of up to 12N/15 mm and can be used to all kind of buckets, even with a narrow sealing edge, and still with an excellent peel where no knife or similar tool is needed to open the lid.

There are many advantages with the DanaPeel® lidding film which ex requires a low sealing temperature, and the sealing window is wide between 170° C – 200° C, and compared to the existing lidding laminates or aluminium for buckets the DanaPeel® lidding film is very competitive.

The DanaPeel® lidding film is available as 100% transparent, white or metallized and can be delivered printed or unprinted.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department for further information.