DanaNewsletter 2015-005

20. May 2015

New innovative system for heatsealable lids-on-reels

In cooperation with GRUNWALD Machines in Germany, Danapak Flexibles has developed a new system for filling, cutting and sealing of heatsealable lids. The DanaCoverseal range in PET is suitable for the Grunwald Rotary 6.000 machine in 1—8 lanes with up to 50 cycles/min.

The DanaCoverseal range, based on PET with coex-coated seal layer, gives a unique sealing
strength between 8—12 N/15 mm. This combined with the new efficient and flexible GRUNWALD Rotary 6.000 machine allows very quick format changeovers both for the size and shape of the cups and the heatsealable lids on the reel.

The system can be retrofitted on existing GRUNWALD machines and the changeover time is only 5—10 minutes without tools. The DanaCoverseal lids-on-reels from Danapak Flexibles also have a changeover time of just 5—10 minutes.

For further information about this new development please contact:

+49 7522 9705-0, info@grunwald-wangen.de

+45 65 48 00 00, info@danapakflex.com