DanaNewsletter 2015-008

25. November 2015

DanaCoverseal for Arla Foods Apetina® cheese

The range of DanaCoverseal is continuously being developed and improvements are being added to the existing specifications. When manufacturing the product, many dairy products require a tamper-proof lid with a very high sealing strength, even with contamination of the edges.

The range of DanaCoverseal, based on 36 micron PET + coex sealing layer, has been further improved to meet these high demands to sealing strength. Both the single die cut coverseals as well as the coverseals–on–reels have a sealing strength up to 8-12 N/15 mm which gives an optimum tamper-proof lid of the products.

Danapak can offer DanaCoverseal in 36 micron PET + coex sealing layer as a single die cut lid but also as reel–fed lids. DanaCoverseal in 29 micron aluminium + coex sealing layer is only suitable as a single die cut lid. Our own application engineers are available for technical advice or a visit to assist when changing from aluminium to PET coverseals. Or to replace the existing aluminium + sealing lacquer with aluminium + coex sealing layer from Danapak Flexibles.

After successful testing at Arla Foods with DanaCoverseal 20-08, metalized PET sealing to PP, to Apetina® cheese, our specification has met the demands in regard to sealing strength with a product packed in vegetable oil, even with contamination of the edge of the cup. The first new Apetina® cheese flavours from Arla Foods were launched in autumn 2015.

Danapak Flexibles have solved the challenge for Apetina® cheese from Arla Foods with a satisfactory result both for Arla Foods and for consumers.