DanaNewsletter 2016-003

08. March 2016

Danapak Flexibles receives two awards for innovative packaging

At the recent Salon du Fromage exhibition in Paris, where all the leading French cheese manufacturers and packaging companies attended, Danapak Flexibles participated in a competition among 72 exhibitors. 10 awards were given to the best cheese and to the most innovative packaging solutions.

Danapak Flexibles received two out of the 10 awards for innovative packaging solutions to original French cheese! Our new solutions have replaced current packagings, while still fulfilling the requirements to the quality of the cheese.

The first award is for a new innovative specification within the range of DanaKeep®®. The specification DanaKeep®® 02-20 is especially suitable for brie and camembert cheese.

The second award is for a new resealing packaging solution with excellent transparency, and resealable up to 30 times. This specification is within the range of DanaReseal®®. With medium barrier the DanaReseal®® 09-06 specification is perfect for all kinds of sliced cheese.

The ranges of DanaKeep®® and DanaReseal®® offer many new innovative solutions to the cheese and dairy industry. For further information please contact us.