DanaNewsletter 2016-004

07. April 2016

New improved DanaCoverseal specification for PS cups

Danapak Flexibles has extended the range of DanaCoverseal specifications with an improved specification for PS cups.

In particular many of our dairy customers around the world have requested an improved coverseal for their PS cups. Danapak Flexibles can now offer a custom-made specificaton with a sealing strength of up to 8–12 N/15.

Like the rest of the DanaCoverseal range the new PS specification is based on in-house extrusion technology. The usual sealing lacquer has been replaced by a coex coating resulting in a number of advantages such as higher sealing strength, better peel, better tearing strength and a more tamper-proof coverseal.

The new PS specification is available in 29 µm aluminium and 36 µm PET.

Danapak Flexibles can also deliver the new DanaCoverseal PS specification in 36 µm transparent PET, offering the possiblity of combining a printed design with a look–to–the–product window, if this is required.

For futher information please contact our Sales Department.