DanaNewsletter 2016-006

04. August 2016


New specification for tin cans from Danapak Flexibles

Danapak Flexibles has developed a new 29 µm aluminium + 20 g special coex coating specification for tin cans. Tin cans are mainly used within the confectionary industry for candy and bon bons. Danapak Flexibles can now offer a tamper proof lidding specification for tin cans to protect the candy and bon bons.

Once again the new specification is based on in-house extrusion technology and Danapak Flexibles look forward to offering the new specification to the confectionary industry as a top web in reels or as a die cut coverseal.

The top web as well as the die cut coverseal will be available in 29 µm aluminium + 20 g special coex coating.

Both the top web and the die cut coverseal can be offered printed or unprinted.

We look forward to offering the specification to new as well as existing confectionary customers.

For further information please contact our sales department.