DanaNewsletter 2016-009

30. November 2016


Danapak Flexibles enters the tobacco market

Danapak Flexibles has successfully entered the tobacco market with laminates for tobacco bags and inner-liners for cigarette packs. Danapak Flexibles has the know-now and experience in both solvent free and solvent based lamination as well as extrusion lamination from the Dairy, Food and Pharma markets.

The range of possibilities with combination of polymer-films, aluminium and paper has made it possible to approach and access the tobacco market in Europe and overseas. Requirements and demands when packing tobacco in bags or in packs vary from country to country and different barriers to the laminate often depend on the climate or the specific quality of the tobacco.

Due to high speed production lines within the tobacco market demands to the packaging specifications are very high in regard to friction and dead-fold, combined with high demands to water-vapour, light and oxygen transmission.

Our Product Technology Centre has developed a range of new combinations to the tobacco market, which can be adjusted and custom-made to each individual tobacco customer depending on the demands to barrier properties, type of production lines and climate.