Press release: Tailor-made Flexible Packaging Materials for the Pharmaceutical Industry

08. August 2017


Danapak Flexibles A/S, a subsidiary of Schur Flexibles Group, has been a supplier of flexible packaging materials to the pharmaceutical industry for almost 40 years.

The facility in the city of Slagelse, Denmark, is certified to the required ISO standards, and meets standard GMP requirements. Danapak has its own R&D function with own pilot plant and laboratory, which allows for fast turnaround of novelties.

The inroad to the pharmaceutical industry started with supplies of high barrier laminates to the transdermal therapeutic industry, which has later been extended with laminates to e.g. the wound and dressing industry. High barrier child resistant lidding materials sealing against all common materials such as e.g. PVC/PVDC, PET and PP has been introduced as well, and lately anti-counterfeit solutions using holographic effects have been introduced.

Danapak is a market leader in high barrier laminates to the transdermal industry offering a broad standard range of laminates. The range includes child resistant options. A specialty is the supply of Barex contained laminates for products with very high demands to inertness and chemical resistance. With the announced discontinuity of Barex, Danapak has developed a range of alternative specifications. Through active use of the Hansen Solubility Parameter (HSP) analysis, Danapak is able to offer customers tailor-made packaging solutions, which are particularly suited to individual API’s and excipients. The HSP analysis calculates which specific contact (sealing)layer is the most inert to withstand the individual API’s and excipients contained in the product to be packed.

Laminates for the wound/dressing industry consist of a range of triplex laminates, e.g. OPP/Alu/Polymers offering superior product protection and optimized machinability on the packaging lines.

Recently, Danapak introduced a patented range of lidding materials for blister applications. The range of laminates offer very high barrier properties, and the range is consisting of alu-, PETM- and transparent PET laminates. The transparent range is of particular interest for products, where it is a requirement that the packed tablets are visible. Additionally, the look-to-the-product feature offers customers the possibility to differentiate their products e.g. by using different colors. Last, but not least, the transparent solutions can be categorized as mono materials offering easier recycling. Contrary to traditional specs using sealing lacquers, Danapak is offering all specs with polymers as sealing media. This secures a smooth and constant peel opening of the packs. A patented opening of the blister card offers child resistance, yet a senior friendly opening.

The latest novelty by Danapak aimed at the pharmaceutical market is a new anti-counterfeit concept, allowing to have a unique holographic effect built into the packaging without any use of inks or varnish. The holographic effect is visible to the end-user without the use of any other device, it can be made with extreme detail. It is made with nano-structures which reflects the light in specific colors and patterns. The system, which has been patented is available in both transparent and metallized solutions. Compared to traditional anti-counterfeit solutions, the nano-structured holographic concept can be tailor-made at limited costs.

Together we can optimize your future product success.

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