DanaNewsletter 2018-002

17. January 2018


New peel sachet specification for pharma products

The new easy-peel specification for sachets from Danapak Flexibles is suitable for pharmaceutical applications, where barrier properties are required. At the same time it has excellent peel and seal properties. The structure is a combination of a paper surface extrusion laminated to aluminium with a special coex coating. The new specification can be printed in up to 8 colours plus varnish.

Although developed to the pharmaceutical industry the specification can also be used to other applications within the food and confectionary industry. The specification has excellent WVTR and OTR properties to meet the high demands within the pharmaceutical industry.

The excellent seal and peel properties, back to back, starts at 120°C and gives a peel force between 2-3 N/15 mm in machine direction.

Danapak Flexibles offers techical support to new and existing customers.

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