DanaNewsletter 2018-003

17. January 2018


Stick packs with convenience and easy opening

Danapak Flexibles has developed a new stick pack solution with easy opening and a coex coating that secures sealing through contamination, e.g. powder.

The structure has a paper surface, with good printability of up to 8 colours plus varnish, combined with an aluminium and coex coating inside to give the necessary barrier properties.

The new stick pack solution has excellent WVTR and OTR properties and easy peeling when opening the stick pack.

The specification seals at a range between 110-160°C and can be implemented on new and existing filling lines without adjustments.

The new solution is suitable for pharma applications but can also be used to other applications within food and confectionary, when a smart stick pack solution with easy opening is required.

Danapak Flexibles offers technical support by its own Application Engineers to new and existing customers.