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Blister lidding film

Our contribution to sustainability

Supporting sustainable initiatives, adapa introduces a patented range of blister lidding films for sustainable blister applications. The range of laminates offers, if so required, high barrier properties and the range consists of MONO-PET laminates and traditional alu lidding with a significant reduction of alu. content.

Contrary to traditional specifications using sealing lacquers, adapa is offering all specifications with extrusion coated polymers as sealing media.

MONO-PET push through lidding film
  • Jointly with Liveo Research
  • Sealable to A-PET blisters
  • (A-PET bottom web from Liveo Research)
  • Positive feedback from testing on commercial lines


Reduction of alu. in push through lidding film
  • Reduction of the alu. content by 65%
  • Reduction of CO² emission by more than 60%
  • Superior PEF compared to 20µ alu foil
  • 10% weight reduction compared to 20 µm alu foil.
  • Sealable to A-PET, PP, PVC, PVdC blisters
  • Excellent printabillity on paper
  • Positive feedback from testing on commercial lines
  • Supporting iniatives by World Economic Forum
  • PEF evaluated and documented by Sphera™



MONO-PET Peelable lidding film
  • Sealable to A-PET blisters
  • Possible to obtain CR in accordance with
    EN 14375/US 16 CFR§1700.20
  • Possible to obtain Class A performance iaw.
    USP<671> Moisture permeability (depending
    of bottom web material)


  • Supporting sustainable initiatives
  • MONO-PET solutions for both push-through and peel versions
  • Significant reduction of alu. content in push-through version
  • Broad sealing window
  • Excelleing sealing properties
  • Excellent WVTR and OTR barriers
  • Options for Child Resistant opening
  • Positive test feedback from testing on commercial lines