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Nano-Structuring of Films for Multipurpose Possibilities

Danapak Flexibles has since 2012 been participating in multiple research and development projects for designing new materials and developed a patented platform for producing nano- and micro imprinted structures in various polymers in close cooperation with universities and has formed a formalized cooperation with the company InMold for developing structured foils for various purposes, e.g. solar power together with the company Heliac, holographics, easy slip structures for foodstuff and technical applications, pharmaceutical applications.

This platform has unlimited possibilities and new possible applications are continuously evaluated. Actual products are:

Nano-Structured Films for Concentrated Solar Power

As a highly innovative supplier of flexible packaging to the Food, Pharma and Tobacco industries, Danapak Flexibles has developed and manufactured a high-tech nano-structured film for concentrated solar power systems. The nano-structured film (pat. pend.) is developed in co-operation with Heliac ApS and manufactured exclusively by Danapak Flexibles.

Since 2014 a joint project has been running between Danapak Flexibles and the company Heliac – inventor of a new solar power system, over 25% more effective, cleaner and cheaper compared to current solar power systems.

The first Solar Power Park owned by E.ON and featuring 144 power units was opened in May 2019 and is now producing more than 22% of the energy for the current district heating system supplying 250 local households.

The new solar power system, and the underlying nano technology is a very important step to address the challenges of climate change and to replace both biomass and fossil heating systems. The nano solar power system is a cheaper alternative than biomass and fossil systems. The new solar power system has no CO2 emission and there is no incineration in connection with the concentrated Solar Power Park.

Films with Nano-Structured Holograms

The latest novelty by Danapak Flexibles aimed at the pharmaceutical market is a new anti-counterfeit concept, allowing to have a unique holographic effect built into the packaging without any use of inks or varnish.

The holographic effect is visible to the end-user without the use of any other device, it can be made with extreme detail. It is made with nanostructures which reflects the light in specific colours and patterns.

The system, which has been patented is available in both transparent and metallized solutions. Compared to traditional anti-counterfeit solutions, the nano-structured holographic concept can be tailor-made at limited costs.