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adapa is the global market leader in high barrier laminates to the Transdermal Delivery System market segment offering a broad standard range of laminates. A specialty has been the supply of Barex contained laminates for products with very high demands to inertness and chemical resistance.

With the discontinuation of Barex, adapa has developed a range of alternatives to Barex specifications, which are commercially available for API’s and excipients for:

  • Rivastigmine
  • Nicotine
  • Lidocaine
  • Fentanyl
  • Others

Through active use of the Hansen Solubility Parameter (HSP) analysis, adapa offers customers tailor-made packaging solutions, which are particularly suited to individual API’s and excipients. The HSP analysis calculates which specific contact (sealing) layer is the most inert to withstand the individual API’s and excipients contained in the product to be packed.

At adapa you will find the most comprehensive range in the market, from traditional standard solutions to tailor-made specifications to protect against aggressive substances and liquids. All with excellent barrier and sealing properties, high tear and puncture strength as well as child resistant opening.

We would welcome any challenge to find the right solution optimizing your product.



  • Superior protection of the APIs
  • Protective against aggressive substances
  • Extreme level of inertness
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Excellent printability
  • High tear strength and puncture resistance
  • Options for Child Resistant opening
  • Options for Customisation to meet specific requirements