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Peelable material for strip packs

We offer a range of high quality peelable Strip Pack laminates for the pharmaceutical and healthcare market segments.

Using our co-extrusion technology and expertise, we have developed a range of packaging materials with easy and smooth, yet secure peel functionalities suitable for tablets. The easy peel opening features offer senior friendly opening procedure of the packaging. 

Strip Packs enable unit dosing, supporting patient convenience and safety of the content until the Strip Pack is opened.

Excellent WVTR and OTR barriers are offered through the use of alu-foil.



  • Superior protection of the APIs
  • Tamper Evidence 
  • Seal and peel to itself and/or to other materials
  • Excellent peel properties
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Easy opening procedure
  • Senior Friendly
  • Options for Child Resistance
  • Unit dosing, ensuring safety of content
  • Excellent printability on paper – up to 10 colours
  • Options for Customisation to meet specific requirements


  • Developed in close technical cooperation with Romaco
  • Lab trials on a Romaco strip packaging machine completed successfully
  • Production at maximum speed thanks to the Romaco heat sealing technolog 
  • Romaco processes peelable strip laminates into safe and tight pharmaceutical packaging
  • Equipment and technical support available at the Romaco PacTech Centre